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The ZX250LC-6 Hydraulic Excavator has been designed and manufactured to the highest industry standards using ground-breaking Hitachi technology to add a superior, high quality edge to the Zaxis-6 medium excavator range. The innovative model incorporates a number of advanced features to promise lifetime reliability and optimum versatility. Hitachi’s expertly engineered excavator provides a high performance solution to the construction industry, whilst meeting increased demand for outstanding operational efficiency and exceptional productivity.

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  • Model code : ZX250LC-6 / ZX250LCN-6
  • Engine rated power : 140 kW (ISO14396)
  • Operating weight : 25 700 – 28 100 kg
  • Bucket ISO heaped : 0.80 – 1.40 mᶟ

ZX250LC-6 Model Benefits

The ZX250LC-6 has been produced using the same high standards of pioneering technology that come with all Hitachi Zaxis-6 medium excavators. The model incorporates cutting edge fixtures and fittings built with the construction industry in mind to achieve optimum efficiency and availability for a wide range of demanding job sites.
Hitachi has an undisputed reputation for manufacturing mechanical and hydraulic excavators to the highest specification, with over four decades of experience in the industry. The ZX250LC-6 has been produced to the same great standard, with a strengthened undercarriage, reinforced platform and oil leak prevention making it a durable solution to the most challenging environment.
The ZX250LC-6 provides a versatile solution to the construction industry offering enhanced machine performance with smooth, fast operation and better visibility. The power boost and superior performance of one of Hitachi’s most popular models makes the ZX250LC-6 suitable for a variety of job applications.
Hitachi’s Tsuchiura Works Factory in Japan is constantly searching for innovative methods to provide machinery of maximum quality to the construction industry. Each ZX250LC-6 offers ultimate comfort with a spacious cab and fully adjustable seat and is strenuously tested to ensure it still adheres to the highest standards of safety without compromising on performance and reliability.
Hitachi takes a superior technological approach in the production of high quality machinery, using IT to constantly improve user experience. The ZX250LC-6 meets the needs of the construction industry by incorporating reduced running costs and environmental impact with features such as remote monitoring and an advanced audio system to bring an element of entertainment to the working environment.
Total cost of ownership
Hitachi has created the Support Chain after-sales programme to ensure each product delivers maximum efficiency whilst reducing running costs and minimising downtime. The ZX250LC-6 is complete with technical support, extended warranty solutions and parts servicing as well as innovative remote monitoring as part of its Global e-Service to provide the best possible resale values to customers. Hitachi’s extensive network of depots ensures that reliable solutions are never far away.