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The ZX350LC-6 Hydraulic Excavator has been designed and developed using unique Hitachi technology to meet the ever increasing demands of the construction industry for high performing, reliable machinery. The innovative excavator has been manufactured at the largest excavator factory in Japan using cutting edge technology, and features the finest design elements to provide a distinctive addition to the Zaxis-6 range. It’s outstanding durability and enhanced safety characteristics make it a productive solution for the most challenging construction site.

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  • Model code : ZX350LC-6 / ZX350LCN-6
  • Engine Rated Power : 197 kW (ISO14396)
  • Operating Weight : 29 900 - 32 300 kg
  • Bucket ISO heaped : 1.00 - 1.62 mᶟ

ZX350LC-6 Model Benefits

The ZX350LC-6 has been developed to give optimum efficiency across a wide range of demanding job sites. Using the same high standards of ground-breaking technology that come with all Hitachi Zaxis-6 medium excavators, the model boasts seal and roller protection, oil leak prevention and user friendly fuel filters to provide ultimate reliability and a profitable return on investment.
Hitachi draws its developments from more than four decades of experience in manufacturing hydraulic excavators for a number of working environments, giving them an established reputation for producing the most durable construction machinery in the industry. The ZX350LC-6 is no exception with an improved engine performance and high strength exterior making it a durable addition to the Zaxis-6 range.
Among the most popular of the Hitachi excavator models, the ZX350LC-6 has a versatile edge as a result of its mechanical capabilities and heightened machine performance. Teamed with enhanced visibility and easy access features for enhanced productivity, the model is ideal for a wide range of construction applications.
Hitachi makes quality a leading priority at the Tsuchiura Works factory in Japan, where engineers are constantly committed to developing innovative features to improve performance, reliability and safety on site, such as those seen in the ZX350LC-6 hydraulic excavator. As a result, the model lives up to the Hitachi name in terms of its market-leading reliability and durability.
The ZX350LC-6 has been designed and produced using an innovative technological approach to meet the evolving needs of the construction industry. Its superior sound system and remote monitoring features add an element of entertainment to the working atmosphere putting user experience at the forefront of product development alongside a reduced environmental impact.
Total cost of ownership
Hitachi has created the Support Chain after-sales programme to ensure each product delivers maximum efficiency whilst reducing running costs and minimising downtime. The ZX350LC-6 is complete with technical support, extended warranty solutions and parts servicing as well as innovative remote monitoring as part of its Global e-Service to provide the best possible resale values to customers. Hitachi’s extensive network of depots ensures that reliable solutions are never far away.